If you are planning to open a branch or representative office of a foreign company then you will probably have considered the following:

  •   Which of the many thousands of law firms should this complicated task be delegated to?
  •   How can we be sure that the documents will be prepared in accordance with the law?
  •   What can be done to prevent the accreditation process from lasting several months?

We guarantee to conduct accreditation in less than 14 days in compliance with the law and taking into account all legal details. If urgent accreditation is required we can do this in 7 days.

Why Prioritet Law Firm?

  • You can trust our experience. We have worked with clients from every continent (more than 50 countries worldwide) and accredited more than 300 branches and representative offices. Our clients include large corporations with over 100 years of history
  • We give guarantees. We guarantee the timing of the accreditation procedure in a written agreement. This means you will know exactly when you get the result, and you can plan the development of your business in all confidence.
  • Your personal lawyer. You will be assigned one of our lawyers specialized in accreditation of branches and representative offices (Yulia Vasilieva, Anna Makhnorylova). You will have the same specialist working on your project throughout the entire process. You can contact this person directly and ask any questions you may have.
  • We work fast. We work directly with registering bodies and avoid intermediaries. This enables us to fulfill your order in no more than 14 days.
  • We speak English. We have English-speaking specialists who are able to communicate fluently with representatives of your parent company.
  • We save your time. If required, we can conduct the accreditation procedure without your direct involvement.
  • We live up to the standard of our reputation. We are amongst the Top 50 largest law firms in Moscow. This is the result of a responsible approach to working with clients, and you will be able to see this for yourself.
  • We offer a full range of services. You can take advantage of a whole range of related (accompanying) services for branches/representative offices of foreign legal entities. We are willing to take on all accounting, legal and personnel support in accordance with Russian laws.
Service Period for performance Cost
Accreditation of a branch office 1-1.5 months RUR 55 000 (approx. EUR 1256)
Accreditation of a representative office 1-1.5 months RUR 55 000 (approx. EUR 1256)
Extension of accreditation 1 month RUR 35 000 (approx. EUR 800)
Registration of change of name 1 month RUR 40 000 (approx. EUR 914)
Registration of Director replacement 1 month RUR 25 000 (approx. EUR 570)
Registration of address change 1 month RUR 30 000 (approx. EUR 685)
Liquidation of branch / representative office 3-6 months RUR 40 000 (approx. EUR 914)
Accounting and Tax compliance services   RUR 25 000-35 000 (approx. EUR 570-800) / per month
Work permits / work visas 2.5 months RUR 50 000 (approx. EUR 1142) / per person