Legal outsourcing

When would you need to use our services?
  1. Regular legal matters.
    You have to face day-by-day legal matters and issues, but you cannot afford hiring an in-house lawyer.
  2. Special legal matters.
    You do have an in-house lawyer, but he is neither a specialist in the area of your interest nor is capable of carrying out all current projects.
  3. Reduction of future risks.
    You do not use legal services yet, but you do realize the necessity to grant your business with legal support to prevent any problems in the future.
What we do

Subscription legal services shall be provided by our lawyers working in the following areas:

  1. Consultations and legal expertise on the civil law matters;
  2. Drafting the contracts and their expertise;
  3. Labor law (consultations, HR outsourcing, personnel audit);
  4. Registration (registration of limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, making amendments to constituent documents, reorganization, issue of securities);
  5. Arbitrage and debt recovery
    (receivables, damages, disputes with state authorities, non-fulfillment of obligations, settlement of disputes through pre-trial procedures)
  6. Intellectual property
    (registration of copyrights, legal protection of intellectual property)
  7. Antymonopoly law (representing your interest in the Antimonopoly service).

10 working hours of lawyer.
You save up to 15 000 RUR

35 000 RUR/month

20 working hours of lawyer.
You save up to 40 000 RUR

65 000 RUR/month

30 working hours of lawyer.
You save up to 75 000 руб.

75 000 RUR/month

(*) VAT not included

  1. 10% discounts for any services ordered afterwards;
  2. Keeping in touch with the latest updates of legislation;
  3. Unlimited number of oral consultations;
  4. Free courier services.